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Matt's Awesome Stuff

Billiards Chalk Wraps

Last updated: 14Apr2012

Once upon a time I was trying to make a dragon out of chainmaille. I didn't want the dragon to look like it was wearing a bathrobe, so I started trying to figure out all the different things you could do to a basic Euro 4-1 pattern to make the skin form angles and curves around muscles and bone. I needed different ways of making the sheet expand or contract, fold, bend and seam. One of the first challenges I conquered was making a chainmaille cube, which is actually more difficult than it first seems. I went on a kick and used up some scrap rings making a half-dozen wraps for billiards chalks. Once the outer band is done, the bottom has to be built in-place around the chalk or it refuses to go back on tight.

I gave a few away before I took pics of them sadly. Ones with full inlays around the band. These ones are my earliest (circa 2000-2001) and ugliest. Each of the seams and ring interactions on each chalk are slightly different, as I was experimenting with different methods.

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