Matt's Awesome Stuff

Matt's Awesome Stuff

Cigarette Lighter Motorbike

Last updated: 16Apr2012

I saw pictures of this with Japanese instructions online in early 2011. I don't read Japanese, but I headed down to the dollarstore for some lighters anyway (that didn't even work, dollarstore garbage). No cutting required, pure disassembly. Unless you want it to look extra awesome like I did, so, I cut some of the pieces to fit better. A little superglue and it's all done.

Bike is 100% cigarette lighter parts from 2 lighters (and uses almost everything but the main tank. Bonus, by trimming the flint spring I managed to fit it in next to the wheel. The back wheel shoots sparks if you roll it (firmly) across a rough surface. Like carpet. Which then burns.

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